Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Mum!

Happy 50th Birthday! We hope you have a great day.
Only 8 days to go!

Am I a mean Mom?

Right before bathtime, he loves when his onesie gets stuck on his big head.
I can't wait to actually use my baby bjorn, I tried it on last night and Wes actually liked it!
It just entertains me when I try stuff on him, he is not amused.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random pictures

This is another picture of Wes and his cousin Will. The pajamas that Wes is wearing are 6 months, yes he is 2 months old and can fit into some 6 month stuff. 
He is smiling a lot now and I try so hard to get a picture of it, this is as close as i've gotten.
When he isn't wrapped up like a burrito he sleeps with his hands straight up or straight out to the side. That explains what I was feeling when he was in the womb.

My little burrito

This is how Wes likes to take his naps.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Wes wanted to say Happy Birthday to his Pap. We can't wait to come visit in 17 days!


Well I can finally start updating our blog again. For the past month our computer has been out of commission. We have done some fun things, so I atleast have some good pictures to post!
One day Wes and I went up to Kaysville to visit/meet his cousins. This is Wes and Will, who is five months older than Wes. When we first got up there Gracie and one of her friends were looking at Wes, and her friend whispered to her "Ewe! your brother is way cuter than him." Of course I turned around and said "excuse me that isn't very nice, don't you think all babies are cute?" She just stared at me in shock and walked away. Anyway, I think they are both adorable and I can't wait for them to start playing together.
This is the picture we sent out in our Valentines, which I made thank you very much! I love the look on his little face. I'm sorry that I didn't sent Valentines to everyone, but they kind of were a pain to make, so Happy Valentines Day, Love Wes to anyone who didn't get one.

We went to St. George in January, this was Wes' first road trip and he did awesome. We had so much fun that he and I stayed for an entire week (thanks, jesse and rindy for letting us intrude for so long). Josh was there for the first weekend then had to go back to work, we really missed him. It was so nice the whole time we were there we went on walks and to the park every day. This is Wes' first time on the swings and of course he fell asleep. Also while we were there Rindy took some great pictures of us, I will post some of those later.