Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Circus!

Well we just got back from the circus read on and hear about our exciting night with our 21 month old at the circus. An event that you have to sit still to watch.

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I really didn't get very many pictures at the circus. In all honesty I think I had more fun than Wes and Josh.

We got there early so we got to go down on the floor and see the clowns and they even brought an elephant out. Of course Wes' favorite part was climbing on this thing and jumping around on it.
He didn't last very long before he started asking to go "bye bye" so I gave him a tootsie pop and he lasted through the whole first half and actually seemed entertained. We left about half way through the second half. So annoying.
Let me just ask you, does this hat look like it's worth $10? Well what if I told you it came with a bag of cotton candy. Yep that is how much we paid for a bag of cotton candy, that Wes absolutely hated. Whatever it was fun and we were caught up in the moment.
So to sum up our night, we probably wont be taking Wes back to the circus for a couple of years, but I am glad we went seeing his face when the elephants and mini horses came out made it all worth it.
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Wes went to the dentist again. (i promise i'm not going to post every time he goes) He just looked so cute sitting in the chair with a toothbrush I had to take a picture when the assistant left the room.

Josh's parents have a nectarine and a peach tree, when we went over the other day Wes ate one of each and sucked each one down to the pit. This kid loves fruit!
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Friday, September 17, 2010

We went to the Raspberry Farm last week, unfortunately I have no pictures of Wes' face, I guess he was too busy to look at me. They had a blast the first hour we were there eating the raspberries faster than I could pick them. The second hour was a different story. There was quite a bit of asking to go 'bye bye" but I had a certain amount of berries i wanted to pick so they just had to deal with it.

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This is Wes on the Moon
And Wes on Mars
We went to Clark Planetarium last week while we were at the Gateway, that's where we took these pics. We didn't really send Wes to the moon and mars. (even though i'd like to sometimes:)
Like father like son. They do this ALL the time, lay on their backs and throw balls up.
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

So, Wes loves to put on our shoes and walk around. These are mine but josh put them on him and made him walk out to me. It was really funny at the time.

What the crap was I thinking. That sucker was EVERYWHERE you can't see it that well but it is on his arms and chest too. It was also on the couch. He only got it for a few minutes then it was history (meaning I chucked it in the trash)
My boys
We went to Farm Country a few weeks back with josh Wes absolutely loved riding the horse, he got to ride twice.
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