Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Point

Last week we went to the Gardens for one last girls/kids day before Ailee has her baby. Wes and Sophia are so cute together. this is them destroying some flowers.

This picture is missing Marshall because he wasn't in a very good mood that day, and was in the process of throwing a minor trantrum.
They are not making out Wes is just kissing the side of her face/hair.
Can you believe how tall Wes is, Sophia is almost 3 and they are almost the same height.
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Tibble Fork

We went up to Tibble Fork today for "family fun day". I can't believe how beautiful it is up there and the weather was perfect. We went on about a 5 minute hike, threw rocks in the lake, and played in the water. We just love hanging out with Dada

The water was FREEZING by the time we crossed the stream our feet were totally numb. Wes kept saying it was hot, but i think he meant it was cold.

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Hair cut

So Wes' hair has gotten really long we finally got around to cutting it last weekend. This is how it looked to start with
This was "mid-cut" haha. I think we should have left it like this. Oh and it's okay he is just pointing at his brain.
And this is the finished product. Cute, but i miss it being a little longer.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Beach

We went to Surfside Beach in South Carolina last week with my family. We were just a few miles south of Myrtle Beach. Of course it was a blast, my mom's sis and my uncle came also my cousin and her family. We stayed in an amazing 3 story house that was ocean front and got to play at the beach all day every day. It was heaven. I have already posted a ton of pictures and I have a ton more that I want to post. Sorry if it gets old.

My sis trying to get a picture with Wes.
We buried my mom. Ha ha she was freaking out though.
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I just love this picture, Wes was chasing the seagulls and cracking up the whole time.
After a while he was completely soaked. I wonder why...

So he ended up like this
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Our anniversary was on Thursday so Josh and I drove down to Charleston, SC for the day. We had so much fun, eating and just walking the streets. It was the cutest town, with the most beautiful houses and buildings and some of them are from the 1600's.

This is just one picture of some houses, I took a lot of pics and I may post more later so everyone can see how amazing it is.
If anyone ever goes to Charleston you have to eat at Blossom. Oh my gosh! We had the best lunch ever Josh had his first poboy and couldn't stop raving about it.
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Family Pics

On the last night we took a bunch of family pictures and I think they turned out great. It was kind of cloudy out so that made them look really good.

This is everyone, my mom's side of the family. I love this picture everyone looks great.
We should be models!

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