Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Park

I think Wes is starting to enjoy the park, more than just the swings. He really loved crawling through the tunnels. He would just go back and forth from me to Josh. His 9 monthday was on Thursday. I can't believe he is already that old. He has the best personality and is just so fun.

The slide was really wet at first that is why he went down on a blanket, not because we are germaphobes or anything.

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None of these pictures are that cute, especially the 3rd one, but I love that you can see Wes's teeth. He now has 7 (holy crap!) 4 on the top and 3 on the bottom. He looks like such a big boy now.

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Day out with Mommy and Daddy

Last week we had the best family day! We drove up to Aspen Grove and spent the day having a picnic and playing in the grass. It was so beautiful out and Wes had a great time.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Carolina Beach Trip!!

Last week we went to Carolina Beach (in North Carolina) with my whole family. I have to warn you there are TONS of new pictures that I posted. I'm sorry if it gets old, but I just love all of them. We did a lot of really fun things but most of all we just sat on the beach and played in the ocean. We are big time beach people so just sitting on the beach never gets old.
My mom got the outfit for Wes in Florida and I thought it was ridiculous, but once I put it on him I thought it was so cute.
There were a few days that the waves were insane because of storms this is one of them. We were getting beat up, but we loved it.
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U.S.S. North Carolina

One day Josh and I went to tour the U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship. These pictures do not do it justice. It was so huge, and it was really interesting learning about the men who worked on it during WWII.

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The best night of the trip!

We walked down to the boardwalk one night and it seriously was the most fun! We ate really great food (pizza and homemade donuts), there was a band that was actually really good, plus there were fun carnival rides. Of course Wes got to experience all of it. this is him eating pizza with his Nanny.
Me and my parents rode the Merry-Go-Round with him
Michele rode this little roller coaster with him. Just watching it, the ride didn't seem that fast but once they were on it she said it was a lot scarier. He just looked like he was in shock through the whole thing. It was a little sad, but also funny.
There were also fireworks at the end of the night and Wes was mesmerized. He also had a great time crawling all around the grass and watching all the big kids play.
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Yep more beach pics

I love this picture of us, everyone (even Josh) looks cute in it.

Wes and his aunt Shell
Every chance he got (after he got used to the sand) Wes was heading for the water. He is so quick too we literally had to chase after him.

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The North Carolina Aquarium



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My dad and Wes reading a book together

This is the best picture of my sister. My mom took it and Michele wasn't even posing that's why we love it so much. HaHaHa! I told her it was going on my blog.
Daddy and Wes just playing in the ocean
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More Fun at the Beach!!!

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