Sunday, June 27, 2010

Splash Park

We have taken Wes to the Highland splash park a couple times. It is such a fun place to go and it's free!

Sometimes he thinks he is a big kid
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Once a year Josh's brother who lives in Philly comes out to visit with his whole family (4 kids) that means all of the cousins get to see each other. It is always so much fun. This is Wes and Rachael eating lunch.

Wes and Alec having popsicles
Rachael is giving him a shoulder ride, he really did love it even though he is like half her size and she is almost 8.
This was an attempt to get a picture of all the kids together. The only way we could get Wes to sit still is sit him on that bike.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

McCall, Idaho

This weekend we went to McCall, ID for a Brown family reunion. It was about a 9 hour drive, but Wes actually did pretty well. There ended up being about 35-40 people there (20 of them were kids). We really lucked out with the weather, I guess the day before we got there it was snowing. While we were there it was in the 70s and absolutely beautiful. We went on lots of walks, went to the lake, went swimming and had BBQs. It was really nice to see all of Josh's cousins and their kids, they are all so fun.

This fox hung around the hotel, Wes thought it was a dog of course.

Everywhere you look there was beautiful green pine trees, the picture doesn't do it justice.

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The Races

Uncle Trent planned races for all the kids and we did them in age groups. This was the under 3 age group. Wes of course picked up the ball which was actually the starting line.

Unfortunately he got last place, that is Aunt Kathleen trying to corral him into the finish line.
The wheel barrel race was hilarious, I think they got last place again. We will have to do some major training for next time.
Josh even carried him like this and they still lost. what the heck!
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Even though it was only in the 70s the outdoor pool was heated and felt so nice. We had a great time swimming both days. Wes is so awesome with his floaties, I can't wait until I can really teach him to swim next year!

Yes, Wes do you have a question?
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Payette Lake

A bunch of us went to the lake and we didn't have any intentions of getting in the water, but the kids just couldn't resist. It was so cold but they loved it. I can't believe how beautiful it was, I wish you could see in the picutes but all the hills around have pine trees and the water was crystal clear.

Yep he still has his jeans on. Wet jeans, what could be better.
They are all throwing rocks at that bouye (i don't know how you spell that). Josh and Grandpa were the only ones who hit it.
These are just the kids who went to the lake, there were about 8 others who didn't come.
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Art City Days

Well our favorite time of year is finally here! The Art City Days carnival started last night and of course we had to go for the great food, great rides and of course GREAT people watching. Wes fell asleep before we even got there because we had been swimming and he was very tired.

Since it was the first night all the rides were only 1 ticket, so Wes and I went down the giant slide. Then we waited in line for another ride and when we were getting on the guy said I couldn't ride with him, then we stood in like for about 45 min for a kiddy roller coaster and when we got up there the guy said Wes was too short. Awesome what a waste of freaking time.

We then went and got funnel cake and snow cones and Wes and Marshall had a blast playing in the field. This was the first time Wes actually played with another kid, they were totally chasing each other and Wes would tackle Marshall. This picture is horrible but you get the idea.
Don't worry we will go back on Saturday, so hopefully I will get some better pictures.
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Watch out girls

I'm sorry to say, but he is the biggest stud ever. Especially in the third picture, I took the picture from pretty far away that's why it's all grainy. Anyway, all the little girls out there need to watch out :)

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Wes and Will wore their rival shirts on the same day (we did not plan it) aren't they too cute!

We got bored one day when it was chilly out so we made a slide inside, it was awesome. That is Wes' mattress that he is sliding down, we are so creative. sorry the pictures are blurry.

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Josh took us golfing with him one night. Wes and I had a blast running around and driving the cart, I don't know if Josh loved it as much. Apparently we don't have very good "golf etiquette." whatever.

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