Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

We got to spend Christmas in Virginia like we always do, also like we always do, we had a great time. On Christmas Day they got about 6 inches of snow so on Sunday we went outside and played. Wes didn't have any snow clothes with him so I just put plastic bags on him. Also I have put so many new pictures on they are also on the next page, so if you aren't sick to death of it yet you can click older posts and see the rest :)

My parent's house
Wes got to sled down the driveway, kinda lame but he loved it.

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Happy little family.

I love the way our woods look when it snows, I should have taken a picture in the day time, it is beautiful.

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Christmas morning!! Wes had the best time opening presents. Unfortunately we didn't take a single picture of us opening gifts, but we did take tons of video. Wes would tear open a present, look at it, then ask for "more ho ho". He calls Santa hoho. haha I can just imagine how much more fun Christmas is gonna get!

Making Christmas breakfast.
Helping Nanny
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All the kids

Josh, my mom and I took Wes to the James Center to look at the lights on Christmas Eve. It was freezing cold, but beautiful as usual. Wes even got to see santa and of course got deets (treats)
Wes and Nanny
My sis and I started a tradition a few years ago where we exchange an ornament on Christmas Eve, this year we included Wes. After this we read Twas the Night Before Christmas and Wes went to bed and waited for Santa to come
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This chair is magical. Wes loved it and whenever we sat him in it he got so relaxed, perfect for when he didn't want to take a nap.

The gingerbread house competition, of course Josh and I loss (right house) and Michele and Dan won. Theirs was so elaborate, the snow man is ice skating and they have a fire pit. Me and Josh's goal was to get all the candy on our house and none in the yard.

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Wes cuddling with Pax

Everyone say cheese
Oh the love birds
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B-day party #2

My best friend's mom made this amazing Wiggles (aka dee-doo) cake. Wes absolutely loved it! The cake was cute and delicious, Wes' favorite part were the balls around the edge and the decorations on top.

Rhonda and cute
Singing Happy Birthday

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Children's Museum

Richmond has the BEST children's museum. We had a blast and I was surprised that Wes could do everything. I thought he may be a little young, but it was perfect. They have all these diffent stations to do and learn all kinds of things. this is the water station that of course he loved.

He would put wooden eggs in a hole at the top of this " chicken coup" then they would roll down the ramps. Yeah he spent like a half hour doing this.
This was my favorite exhibit. The shadow room, Icould have spent all day in there looking at my shadow haha
doing the weather (a little blurry)
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more Children's Museum

Changing a tire

Picking apples
Playing with the Dinos
Milking a cow
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Wes and Pap
Wes is in Doodle's bed. haha he thought this was pretty funny.

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