Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wes and his cousin Alec, don't they look like they are in pain. Hahaha I love those shirts!

American Fork, Steele days. We had such a fun time Wes got to ride lots of rides and he had a blast.
Josh went on a backpacking trip last weekend and this is him with his pack. What an outdoorsman.
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(trip part 3)

Sorry it took so long to finish all these pics, but here are the last pictures from my trip back east. We went to visit my Gram in Pennsylvania it was so great to see her and she really loved seeing Wes again.

When we were at my Gram's we rode around on this scooter the whole time. Wes loved it and so did I, in fact some people felt sorry for me because they thought I couldn't walk since no one ever saw me off the thing. Except for when my mom stole it.
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kennywood (trip part 2)

I have been looking forward to this for sooooo long. We took Wes to Kennywood (it has nothing to do with Kenny Rogers), its an amusement park in Pittsburgh that my grandma started going to when she was 1, my mom when she was 1 and me when I was 1. Yep it only made sense that Wes started now. We had the best time and it was exactly as I remember it. It has great food and great rides, plus it is really clean and family friendly and has a great kiddie land. Anyway I could rave about it forever but here are my favorite pictures.

I can't believe Wes wasn't scared of Kenny the Kangaroo, this is him giving him five.
This picture is always a must, I wish I could find the ones of me and my sis when we were little with cowboy joe. Yeah he is kinda creepy
This is my mom's favorite ride, but we only got to go on it once because it closed early. Boo.

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The last thing you do before you leave Kennywood is have square ice cream (well that's the last thing we always did). I think loved the tradition he ate most of mine.

When he rode the airplanes he was the only one on the whole ride.
He didn't know that if you pull on the handle the dumbo goes up, so he just went round and round on the bottom. He still loved it though
And his favorite ride of all...the swings! That used to be mine too, until i started getting sick on it, i'm a wuss.
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

VA part 1

Wes and I went to Pennsylvania and Virginia last week and there are so many pictures I want to post that I'm breaking it up. These are all pics from the end of the week. We had a blast and miss everyone already, but atleast we will see them in a month.

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Chester Pool

We went to Chester Pool which is the pool that we belonged to my entire life. It was so fun taking Wes there. I used to be a lifeguard and taught swim lessons. The pool is really nice and they actually have really good food too.
Aunt Shell and Wes
Nanny and Wes (unfortunately at this pool you aren't allowed to use anything to float with, not even water wings)
Surprisingly I am not embarassed by this picture. Are you Shael?
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4th of July

We went to see fire works with Rhonda (my BFF) and her family. Carter was cute as ever and we had a really fun time. Wes absolutely loved the fireworks! He even said "na, na" when they were over which means again in Wes language.

Congratulations Andrew you made our blog! Wes really loved playing with him which is funny cause he really doesn't love guys.

Wes and Mama
Wes and Pap
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