Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer fun!

So far this summer has been a blast first our Cali trip and then Art City days which we look forward to every year. First i have to make an announcement...Wes got his hair cut yesterday. I'm sorry to anyone who is going to have a hard time dealing with this, but the curls are gone for now. sorry.

I can't believe how good Josh looks in this picture, he doesn't look like he is completely pissed off like he usually does in pictures.

Wes and Marshall went on tons of rides together and loved it!

Now there is the Josh we all know :)

Art City Days parade was a huge success. Wes was in heaven, they threw so many deets and he loved collecting them all (and eating them)

Eating deets and watching the parade with Grandma.

So the morning of the parade I got up first to take a shower and get ready. When I went to check on Wes this is how he was sleeping...

and this is how Josh was sleeping. hahaha both of them were dead asleep when I took these pictures so they are not posed.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trip to San Diego

Last week we went on vacation with our good friends to San Diego. We stayed in an awesome condo in Encinitas, played on the beach tons and went to Sea World. We seriously had the best time. So here are a bazillion pictures of our trip.

Wes and E-Ma (aka mia). They could totally pass as brother and sister
The tempurature probably never even got to 70, but at least it was sunny.

Ok it is really sad that Rindy who is 7 1/2 months pregnant looks better in a bikini than me. What the crap!

We always take decent pictures together at the beach, I wonder why that is?

Just acting like goof balls

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Sea World, we love you!

At the end of the day we let Wes pick out souvenires and shocker he wanted a big sucker. We also found a cup with his name on it which is really rare. I am never able to find things with his name on it. We convinced him that that was cooler than some stupid stuffed animal, so that is what we brought home.

This is the only picture from the whole week that we have of all of us together.

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I loved the Shamu show, those whales are so beautiful. Wes loved when they splashed us.

I can't believe he actually fell asleep in his stroller, I only let him sleep for about ten minutes though because then it was time for the rides. I did not want him to miss that

The whole kiddie land is Sesame Street themed. Wes thought he was in heaven with all the Elmo rides

Elmo and Abby! Wes couldn't stop hugging Elmo.

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Waiting for the dolphin show to start. Don't you just love the random people in the background, like the lady behind Jesse. What is with her face?

Waiting for the Shamu show to start
The kids probably spend a solid half hour playing with the starfish in the tidepools. Those poor starfish were probably hating life though
Running for his life so he wouldn't get sprayed by the boat when it came down the hill.

Last Day

Well our fantastic trip had to end eventually I guess. The last day at the beach may have been one of the funnest. I wish I had pictures of us all doing cartwheels and handstands in the surf. And when I say everyone I mean even pregnant Rindy and Wes of course.
That night we went out to dinner while Jesse and Rindy watched the kids then when we got home they went out. Yeah there was a lot of sillyness going on while we watched them.

Josh and Jesse stealing avacados out of the neighbors tree.

Wes and Mia saying goodbye. Wes seriously loves her and still asks to go back and see her.

I have to say we were dreading the long car trips, but Wes was perfect. I was really worried about the potty situation since he has only been potty trained for a few months but that was great too, no accidents and he really didn't have to stop to go that much.

Hopefully we will be able to go on another vacation with the DeLlamas family someday, we had such a great time and love spending time with them.
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Friday, June 3, 2011

More Pictures With Nanny

Here are some more really great pictures of Wes and Nanny. For some reason they can not take a picture with normal faces. We went to Kneader's for breakfast and of course it was beyond delish.

Then we headed to the zoo.

They have an exhibit right now called Zoorasic Park with a bunch of huge dinosaurs scattered around the zoo. Well they move and roar and scared the pants off Wes. At least it made him cuddle with his mom.

Another top notch picture with Nanny.

hahaha Wes was too scared of the ape, Nanny was not. We had such a fun time while my mom was here, and I love seeing how much Wes loves her. I think it's pretty great that even though they live 2400 miles away he is still super close with all my family.

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