Friday, June 3, 2011

More Pictures With Nanny

Here are some more really great pictures of Wes and Nanny. For some reason they can not take a picture with normal faces. We went to Kneader's for breakfast and of course it was beyond delish.

Then we headed to the zoo.

They have an exhibit right now called Zoorasic Park with a bunch of huge dinosaurs scattered around the zoo. Well they move and roar and scared the pants off Wes. At least it made him cuddle with his mom.

Another top notch picture with Nanny.

hahaha Wes was too scared of the ape, Nanny was not. We had such a fun time while my mom was here, and I love seeing how much Wes loves her. I think it's pretty great that even though they live 2400 miles away he is still super close with all my family.

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