Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Toys

Well Nanny took Wes on a shopping spree today, and he got some really fun things (even though they may be a little old for him). First of all he got skates. Remember the Fisher Price ones that we had as kids that went over your shoes? That's what he got.

His BFF Aaden loved them too, so they had to keep taking turns.

The next new toy is a bike. Yes a real bike and NO he can not peddal or steer, but he will be able to soon enough.

Seriously how Rad is this bike, that's actually why he wanted it because it looked like the bikes on one of his favorite movies...RAD.

Wes also got a bouncy ball, a water gun, playdough and new socks. He totally made out today, what a lucky boy.
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  1. Grandma's are the best at buying things! That bike is super cool. Now to just keep Tyson away from it when he takes it outside...