Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time goes so fast

This is how it all started
Just a few minutes old. December 17, 2008
1 week old
1 Month
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2 Months

3 months

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

I just love this picture of Wes and my parents.
Ok, how stinking cute is this hat? My sis-in-law, Jessica makes them and she might start to sell them. They look so cute on boys and girls.

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First times...

This was Wes's first of many, many airplane rides. He was so good on the plane to Virginia, not so good on the plane ride back to Utah.

We went to the Metro Richmond Zoo, which is kinda lame but it was still fun. This giraffe licked Wes on the head when we were trying to take a picture. Michele and I were so freaked out, its tongue is like a foot long, and black. So sick!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More VA pictures

Hines loves plastic bottles
This is a better picture of us hiking. How freaking cute is this hat? I'm obsessed with it and Josh thinks it is stupid. whatever.

This is my best friend Rhonda's little boy, Carter, he wasn't too impressed with Wes.

We are in Virginia!

We are having so much fun in Virginia, unfortunately Michele and Hines had to leave today. Hines and Wes had to get to know each other and now they are BFFs.
We went hiking at Pocohontas State Park and it was close to 80 degrees out. I loved it.

Hines and Wes

Aunt Shell and Wes playing!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Going to Virginia!

Wes and I are going to Virginia on Friday for 9 days to visit my family. This will be his first plane trip, so wish me luck. Wes is so excited to hang out with his Nanny and Pap and especially his Aunt Michele! And I'm not gonna lie I can't wait to show him off to all of my friends out there. Oh, and we also will be driving to Pittsburgh to visit my Grandma and that is a 6 hour trip, so wish me luck again. I can't imagine he will like that drive very much.

We are really going to miss you Josh!!! We love you
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My blogging

Ya know, I read other peoples blogs and they write such interesting things about what goes on in their lives. My life really does consist of more than just dressing Wes up in different outfits and humiliating him by taking a zillion pictures of him. Anyway that is just a thought I had. I am going to try and make this blog more about all of us instead of just Wes. We'll see...
We went on a sleigh ride last weekend with Josh's family for his dad's birthday. It was absolutely freezing and Wes cried for a good portion of the ride, but it was still a really cool thing to do. The ride was at Deer Valley, so it was really beautiful.
There are so many mornings that I put Wes in bed for us for a little while and Josh and him always end up sleeping in the same positions and I finally got a picture of it.
Ok, I know this is a stretch for a post, but I thought it was so cute when Wes held his bottle by himself. He rarely does it, but it just makes me feel like he is getting so big.
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Poor Josh

Last Sunday Josh woke up from a nap with a horrible pain in his back he tried for about an hour to get it to go away, but finally he said that he thought he should go to the hospital(which is a huge deal for him, he never goes to the doctor). Well it turns out that he had a kidney stone which apparently is worse than child birth. Thankfully he passed it the next morning so the pain only lasted a few hours. Isn't it weird how something the size of a grain of sand can hurt you more than a human coming out of you. (the black spec above is his "stone")
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