Thursday, June 10, 2010

Art City Days

Well our favorite time of year is finally here! The Art City Days carnival started last night and of course we had to go for the great food, great rides and of course GREAT people watching. Wes fell asleep before we even got there because we had been swimming and he was very tired.

Since it was the first night all the rides were only 1 ticket, so Wes and I went down the giant slide. Then we waited in line for another ride and when we were getting on the guy said I couldn't ride with him, then we stood in like for about 45 min for a kiddy roller coaster and when we got up there the guy said Wes was too short. Awesome what a waste of freaking time.

We then went and got funnel cake and snow cones and Wes and Marshall had a blast playing in the field. This was the first time Wes actually played with another kid, they were totally chasing each other and Wes would tackle Marshall. This picture is horrible but you get the idea.
Don't worry we will go back on Saturday, so hopefully I will get some better pictures.
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