Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Carolina Beach Trip!!

Last week we went to Carolina Beach (in North Carolina) with my whole family. I have to warn you there are TONS of new pictures that I posted. I'm sorry if it gets old, but I just love all of them. We did a lot of really fun things but most of all we just sat on the beach and played in the ocean. We are big time beach people so just sitting on the beach never gets old.
My mom got the outfit for Wes in Florida and I thought it was ridiculous, but once I put it on him I thought it was so cute.
There were a few days that the waves were insane because of storms this is one of them. We were getting beat up, but we loved it.
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  1. I love that outfit too! Well on him! Babies can pull anything off... I mean come on that would be hideous on an adult. So Cute on WES!