Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The best night of the trip!

We walked down to the boardwalk one night and it seriously was the most fun! We ate really great food (pizza and homemade donuts), there was a band that was actually really good, plus there were fun carnival rides. Of course Wes got to experience all of it. this is him eating pizza with his Nanny.
Me and my parents rode the Merry-Go-Round with him
Michele rode this little roller coaster with him. Just watching it, the ride didn't seem that fast but once they were on it she said it was a lot scarier. He just looked like he was in shock through the whole thing. It was a little sad, but also funny.
There were also fireworks at the end of the night and Wes was mesmerized. He also had a great time crawling all around the grass and watching all the big kids play.
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  1. you two look so cute in that last one. You both are so tan! jealous