Thursday, August 13, 2009

Visit with Mom

My mom came to visit last week (for the entire week, ugh). Ha Ha just kidding Mum. Anyway we had so much fun, she and Wes got to spend a ton of quality time together. I worked for a couple hours everyday she kept him so I wouldn't have to take him and we also had our anniversary on the 5th and she had him overnight. I will also post some really fun pictures from Thanksgiving Point Gardens later. I just haven't put them on the computer yet.

We had the BEST anniversary ever!! First of all I cannot believe we have been married for 3 years, time has seriously flown by. Well for our big night we ate at the best chinese restaraunt called the Hong Kong Tea Room & Restaraunt. It honestly was the best chinese food either of us had ever had. Then we went to Cirque de Soliel. Wow! is all i have to say about that. Those people are so talented. I definitely want to go see another show because it was so amazing. Then Josh surprised me and we spent the night at the Anniversary Inn, and we stayed in the Swiss Family Robinson room. These are a couple pictures. The bed was in the tree and the shower was a waterfall. Anyway, I could go on and on about all of this and how awesome it was, but I wont. Bottom line = one of the best nights we have ever had!

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  1. happy anniversary! did you like the Anniversary Inn? We were thinking of staying there the first night of our honeymoon.
    Was this the first time you've left Wes overnight? I bet it was so nice.
    haha I'm excited for when we leave Tula overnight...haha I know that sounds mean.