Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hogle Zoo

Wes was sick for a couple days, while my mom was here, but we still took him to the zoo because it was so nice and he needed fresh air. Well... after about 20 minutes he was ready to sit down and rest.

he did not like the merry-go-round and wanted me to hold him the whole time.
he didn't want to eat his hot dog, which is one of his favorite foods (actually any meat is his favorite food)
The one thing he did enjoy was his push-pop that he devoured and was covered in the rest of the day. Hey push-pops are yummy!

I can't wait to take him back when he is in a better mood. I noticed being around so many kids, how rude and disrespectful some kids are. They were butting in front of us in the merry-go-round line, and pushing wes out of the way on the slide. I guess I have never really paid attention to other kids before, and all of our friends have really sweet well behaved kids, but this was ridiculous. Now more than ever I want to pound manners into my kids heads and hopefully they will treat other people, especially adults with respect. Anyway, I just needed to give my two cents about that because I was truly disgusted. The End
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