Friday, October 8, 2010

Trip to Virginia

You are about to look at A LOT of pictures from our trip to VA. This is our last trip before Wes turnes 2 that means from now on we will have to pay for tickets. We have gone back east 10 times since he was born, crazy huh. This is Wes and Doodle (Emma) my mom's cat. They have a very love/hate relationship. Well mostly hate on Doodles part. She just swatted his head that is why he is holding it, she also bites him quite a bit.

Here is a pic from the train thing he rode at the pumpkin patch.
Just my boy being really cute!
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  1. looks like you two had so much fun. we sure miss you guys hopefully we will see you soon.

  2. wes really is such a little stud. funny because steele is prob going to be a skeleton too:)