Friday, November 4, 2011


I realize it has been FOREVER since I last blogged, but I really just don't feel like going back and talking about everything that has gone on over the last 5 months, so we will just start here...

Once again Wes had a sweet Halloween costume and we had a great Halloween weekend. We spent the weekend in St. George just hanging out and having fun with our friends. We got home just in time to go trick-or-treating with the Kimbers like we do every year. They have the best trick-or-treat neighborhood and the boys had a blast. Especially Wes he really got the hang of it this year and was running from house to house, so cute.

Today Wes went to a birthday party for one of his best friends. Wes was the only boy there and it was so cute. The girls all had their hair done, and toes painted, Wes just had his toes painted. Then they all got dressed up in their party clothes for pictures. When we left Wes said, " I like that party mom".

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  1. Wes looks great! Who's party was it today?

  2. love little wess! so cute with all those girlies.