Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby Natalie is here!!

Natalie Michele Brown
7 lb 12 oz
18 1/2 inches

I can't even believe that she is finally here! I was induced on Monday, Feb 13 at 10am and she was born around 4 pm. The labor was totally easy and I only had to push for about 15 min. We really are so lucky, she is the perfect baby and probably a little easier than Wes was...if that is even possible. We didn't take very many pictures at the hospital since we were only there 24 hours, but here are a few. I love that she is chubby, I never thought we would have a chubby baby.

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  1. Congratulations! She is so pretty Erin good job!

  2. so precious!! i'm so glad you had a fast easy delivery. that is the best!!

  3. Congrats, Erin! I'm glad you posted your blog, I will stalk you now. :) haha... She is beautiful, I'm really happy for you!