Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Week

This week we did something "Eastery" almost every day. Thankfully it was a beautiful week and we got to enjoy the weather with our great friends.

Easter Sunday before church giving us a smile. Natalie smiles all the time now and it makes her even more beautiful!
The Easter Bunny didn't bring very much candy this year since Wes got plenty at all of the Easter egg hunts we went to. He did get a new aluminum bat though, he was so excited and of course he hits it great.


The night before Easter we had an egg decorating party at our friends house. 

Going to Hee Haw's for their Easter egg hunt and baby animal festival was probably Wes' favorite thing all week. He got his face painted...

 like a dinosaur

hung out with his best buddy Aaden

jumped into a pile of hay

went down this huge slide about nine thousand times. And he went home completely caked in dirt. What more could a boy ask for.

Oh how about candy from the egg hunt. 

My cuties! 

Early that morning we hit up Smith's for their Easter activity. Which was pretty much just collecting as much candy as you can from the floor of the grocery store. I know so classy. By the way this is Wes' girlfriend aren't they cute! 

We planned a party at the playground for the kids this week and had all kinds of fun activities. They decorated cookies, 

had a race with their legs tied together so they had to hop like bunnies, they also did pin the tail on the bunny, and of course had ANOTHER Easter egg hunt.

We also had our ward Easter egg hunt and if you are wondering if we are sick to death of egg hunts the answer is YESSSSS. Wes has more candy than he had at Halloween and after today I'm pretty sure I'm throwing it all in the trash, yep I'm a mean mom.

Stay tuned for my next blog post in a couple days. I have some way cute pictures of Natalie that I can't wait to post. I'm probably more excited about it than you are :)
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