Thursday, May 17, 2012

I can't decide if she will be a thumb sucker or not, she still LOVES her binky. But I do love how cute she is when she sucks her thumb.

Mother's Day!

Had a fun day at Thanksgiving Point with Wes' BFF, unfortunately these are the only 2 pictures I took.

Gotta love tummy time

I don't think I ever posted anything on Wes doing Itty bitty ball. We signed him up for February thru April, each month was a different sport. They started with basketball which I think was Wes' favorite. He got to play with some fun friends and it was a great way to burn off some steam the last couple months of winter.

The second month was football


Then T-ball which I don't actually have a picture of, but here is a pic of all the buddies.
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