Friday, January 18, 2013

Is January over yet?

January is THE most boring month of the year. It's cold (like wayyyy cold) dreary, snowy and nothing fun going on. Natty's birthday is coming up though in a couple weeks and Wes is starting gymnastics I'll have to take some pictures to document that.
I have been doing fun things to her hair almost every day and this is what it looks like when I take it out. Don't let this face fool you, she hates my guts while i'm taking the elastics out.

There has been a lot of standing going on and even some walking

Wes and I go to the waffle truck whenever we can, it is our favorite snack. If you have not gone...GO, like now, they are so good. This particular night was so busy and it was probably about 5 degrees out. We got our yummy waffles though, so worth it.

and this is the newest face, I can't believe I got a picture of it. It is hilarious when she glares at us like this, then when we laugh it makes her do it more.
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