Saturday, October 31, 2009

More Virginia

I really felt like Wes needed to play in his first pile of leaves. This pile was pretty week 1. because I got tired of blowing them and raking them into a pile and 2. becauce most of the leaves were still on the trees. Its still fall there, unlike here where its winter.
My sis and Wessy. We went to the pumpkin patch (yes pumpkin patch #4) with my BFF Rhonda her little boy Carter, my sis, and my Mom. We had a fun time and I loved hanging out with Rhonda and Carter. He is the cutest thing ever!!! As you will see in the next picture.
See, isn't Carter so stinkin' cute. He has the cutest little southern drawl. I wish I could see them more often.
This is not a picture from Virginia. We went to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point with our friends the Magleby's. This is Sophia with Wes, don't they make a cute couple. (even though she's 2, he could go for an older woman)
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