Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Birthday Party

I know this is way late but I had to post about Wes' big birthday party. We went to Kangaroo Zoo first and everyone had a blast then we went back to our house for pizza and cupcakes. The big kids loved getting to open all of the presents. Since Wes has no idea about opening presents I gave them the go ahead. I had a monster theme and I made all the decorations and invitations. You don't really see any of them in the picture but maybe i'll post some pics of them. Anyway the first birthday was a huge hit and it went by too fast.

These are all the kids who went to Kangaroo Zoo minus Marshall. I don't know where he went.

The good thing about Wes feeding himself a lot and getting sugar before his first birthday is he knew exactly what to do with his giant cupcake. He was completely covered and even had to have a bath as soon as he was done (right in the middle of the party haha).
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