Thursday, December 3, 2009

On my birthday we went to get our christmas tree. Wes was so cute and loved walking around all the trees. Can't you tell. These pictures kill me, it shows how happy and what an awesome personality he has.

Wes has actually been really good with the tree. I had to yell (yes yell) at him twice when he was trying to pull the whole thing down. Sadly it made him cry, but he hasn't touched the tree since. He is a very "touchy" kid so I thought having a tree was going to be impossible.

Funny story with no picture...Well I haven't had any funny stories of Wes in a while. I'm sure you all remember the thermometer story. (if not look back a ways in the blog it happened in the spring i think) Anyway, tonight I was outside installing Wes' new carseat and he and Josh were inside. Wes was having naked time after his bath, which he has had every night since he was like 5 months old. He was in his room "playing" then came out to see Josh and brought his blanket which was covered in poop. Yep, he pooped all over his floor. I actually thought it was hilarious and I'm surprised it hadn't happened sooner. I bet you guys are glad I don't have a picture to illustrate this story. the end.
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