Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last week I took Wes to the dentist, not for any reason other than I felt like he has enough teeth and I wanted them checked out just to make sure I'm doing everything right with them. Well, he was great he opened his mouth and said "ahhh" when the assistant brushed his teeth, he let them put a flouride treatment on them and he got to play with the remote to the t.v. I actually can't believe how good he was, no crying or throwing any fits.

We went tubing with Josh's family last weekend. Well Josh and I only went down once and Wes was too young to do anything, but we did get to pull him around on the snow for a while and of course he loved it. thankfully it was a really nice day so we weren't too cold just hanging out in the snow. He could have sat in that tube and been pulled around all day long.

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  1. Go you for being so good about the dentist visit! I am terriied of the dentist so I hate even taking my kids there!