Wednesday, March 3, 2010

weekend with aunt shel

My sister was here for the weekend, and even though it was way too short we had a great time. Unfortunately she had a terrible flight coming and going (just a tip no one should EVER fly american airlines, they suck and I know lots of people who have never had a pleasant experience with them). On Saturday we tried to take Wes to the Lehi Legacy Center to go swimming and he absolutely HATED it. Yeah he was such a beast we had to leave after like ten minutes. It was really loud in there because they had a big bucket that filled with water then dumped out every few minutes. I know it sounds weird but it was loud and i guess he is a bigger wuss than I thought (wussy wessy haha). We also went to Cabelas to look at the fish and animals and of course we went shopping. We miss you shel!

would you consider us rednecks since we went to Cabelas on a Saturday night just to hang out?
Yep, we love getting our picture taken!
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  1. Cabelas is the best!
    I bet is was nice to have your sister here.