Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dentist & Bagels

Wes went to the dentist this week (it was actually his 3rd visit), but this time was completely different. He was such a big boy and it made me so proud. He let them take x-rays of top and bottom teeth, polish all of his teeth and he got a flouride treatment. He also let the dentist count his teeth, he has 20. He never cried or whined or anything and he got a toy (and a piece of gum from me) at the end. Who knew I could be so happy about a dentist appointment, haha I must be a mom.

This morning I decided to be a little ambitious and make homemade bagels and strawberry cream cheese. Talk about heavenly!! Although they were very time consuming, they were pretty easy and coming from me that is huge. Everyone knows I HATE HATE HATE to bake and I ruin everything. Well I will definitely make these again. Oh and the recipe comes from the sister's cafe blog (I have on my list of cooking blogs) if anyone wants to try them :)
Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. They were perfect
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