Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Valentines Day

I know it's a little late posting about Valentines Day, but at least I'm doing it. Everyone always says how wonderful their Valentines Day always is, but I actually think it's a little overrated. Anyway it really wasn't that great of a day. Josh had to go to a funeral so we didn't eat until super late and we had to take Wes with us and of course he was a beast. On the plus side Wes and I made some cookies for Josh that I thought turned out cute. We also made a yummy breakfast of stuffed french toast, bacon and hashbrowns.

This is Wes helping with the strawberry filling, he really does love to "help" in the kitchen. I just can't wait till his helping is actually helping.
I was watching a cooking show and they sprinkled brown sugar on their bacon just to add a little sweeter flavor and I thought it sounded good. Well Wes dumped the whole container of brown sugar on the bacon and it was so sick, I couldn't even eat it so I threw that batch out and made another one without brown sugar on it.
We also did a valentines photo shoot. Wes isn't too good with the picture taking thing yet, he thinks if I say "say cheese" he should make a goofy face. I love his goofy faces though

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