Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Fun! July

I am finally blogging about all the fun stuff we did last month. Maybe if I didn't wait so long to blog I wouldn't have to overload everyone with pictures. Oh well, I know there are some of you (mum) who likes to have picture overload.

Ok...We started out the month with an awesome 4th of July. Josh unfortunately had to work, but we hung out with our friends the Anderson's first doing the Provo Parade, then a pool party at their Uncles house then fireworks. Natalie was decked out for the day I should have entered her in the baby contest


Wes has been practicing swimming without floaties and has done great considering he has never had lessons. This kid is honestly good at everything he does. 

Oh this picture slipped in too soon. I had a little get together with a bunch of friends from home. 2 of them were missionaries that we became really good friends with. 

This was at the fire works, which by the way were AMAZING. We were so close stuff was actually falling on us and the kids were collecting it.

Watching the parade

Josh's mom rented horses one day so we took Wes for a ride. I have to be honest, I don't know why I ever liked riding horses, even Wes was so over it by the end.

We did a lot, a lot of swimming this month we were either at our pool, or a splash park every other day. We love it though. Summer is the BEST!

Anybody ever go "crawdadin' " well we did. We went up to Strawberry for our friends birthday it was so fun  and hilarious watching everyone in the water trying to catch the crawdads.

The babes, having a blast I'm sure

Huck Finn Days with the Andersons, Wes seriously loves these kids they have so much fun together.

And don't forget the Strawberry Days Carnival. I just love our city! Every July they have a week of fun stuff for the whole family "Strawberry Days" We really took advantage this year and had such a fun time.

Wes and one of his buds, Tyson

Yep he ate that whole corn dog except for the couple bites that Josh and I stole.

Concert in the park, they had such a great time jamming to the oldies.

Eating the free Strawberries and Creme. I have to admit it is not my favorite but everyone else loves it

My Natty bug started eating solids and can't get enough. She loves everything and it getting chubbier because of it.

They are both getting too big

We probably go get Sno Cones 4 to 5 times a week. This is one of my favorite things about the summer it's cheap and yummy. We all love it

Well my last couple of pictures got cut off so you will have to stay tuned. They are the best ones!
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  1. You're such a good mom taking your kids to all this fun stuff! Miss you guys!! So fun!