Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kings Dominion

I need to do a whole post just on our trip to Kings Dominion. I have been going to this park since I was little and it was so fun to take my kids. Wes kept saying "This is the best place ever!" Now we just can't wait to go back when he is 48 inches so he can ride some really big stuff.

This is how excited he was when we pulled up and he saw the huge roller coasters

We got there before it opened

He was the first one on the Scooby Doo. Well it's not called the Scooby Doo anymore, it's the Ghoster Coaster but he thought that sounded too scary so we still call it the Scooby Doo

And of course my perfect baby was a perfect angel all day

Having lunch, Wes had pizza and Natty had a breadstick

This was one of the coolest rides. It's called Snoopy Driving School and the kids actually drove around the little track on their own, they were in total control of their car and it went wherever they steered it. I thought it was gonna be ugly but this kids drove pretty well. Wes even stopped at the stop sign, I was impressed.

Flying Eagles, my mom's favorite ride.

We got to take Natalie on the Old Timey cars. I think she loved it!

Taking after her Mama with the fried oreos

He was so tired he just had to take a little cat nap half way through the day.

The Avanlanche

See how they are the only ones on this ride. It wasn't crowded at all and most of the kid rides were empty. That didn't matter though Wes didn't want to ride the kid rides.

front row of Scooby Doo

And we were there when the park closed. This really was the best day ever!

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