Tuesday, December 18, 2012

4th Birthday!

We had such a blast celebrating Wes' birthday this weekend. Saturday we had his party and Monday we celebrated his actual birthday with a trip to McDonalds and  a fun night just the family. One of my friends did an interview of her son on his birthday, so I copied the idea and interviewed Wes. Here are his exact answers:
How old are you? 4
Where do you live? On Earth
Favorite thing about Mom? go to jump on it
Favorite thing about Dad? go get treats
Favorite thing about Natty? I think that she walks
Favorite food? Pizza
Your favorite show on TV? Mickey Mouse
Favorite movie? Spider-man
Coolest person? Aaden
Favorite thing about school? to have snacks
If I could go anywhere it would be... Nanny and Paps
When I grow up I want to...help Mom
Favorite song? Henry the Octopus
Favorite book? Spider-man
When I was little I used to...play
Food you don't like? hot sauce
Best friend? Aaden
Favorite thing to play with? Ironman and this motorcycle

I just loved his answers especially that when he grows up he wants to help mom.
So, here are some pictures from his party, first we went to jump on it (as superheroes)

then back to the club house for lunch and cake and ice cream. Here are some pictures of how I decorated.

Hulk juice (green hawaiian punch and sprite)

and I made Thor hammers for all the kids

opening presents

seeing who could throw their hammer the farthest

lunch time. Wes chose to have corn dogs


and on a different note, Natty started walking around pushing stuff. It is so stinking cute

For Wes' actual birthday Josh and I filled about 60 balloons and and put them outside his door so when he opened his door int he morning they fell out at him. He thought it was hilarious. I saw the idea on Pinterest and I'm so glad I remembered to do it.

he got even more presents on his birthday. For breakfast he wanted to go the Krispy Kreme, then we went and hung out at Toys R Us for a while, then went to McDonalds with some friends. 

When Josh got home, we went to Chuck-E-Cheese's

he his the jackpot on a couple games and had a ton of tickets.

THEN we went to Trafalga to play mini golf. I think it was the best day of his life. I'm so glad we got to do so many fun things with him.

I don't know how this picture snuck in here. I think I put it on my last post.
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