Sunday, December 16, 2012

major christmas catchup

We have been so busy lately, just like everyone this time of year. So here are some pictures of what we have been up to.
This has become a Halloween and Christmas tradition of ours (even though Wes hates the halloween version). Some people in Lindon put this on every year. It's a free train ride with all sorts of decorations and music.

waiting for the train

This is Wes' first letter to Santa, he wants a lizard mask (from Spider-man) if you can't tell what that is.

This is our barricade, Natty is still obsessed with touching the tree.

a little trip to Krispy Kreme for being good while running errands.

We took the front runner up to Salt Lake to look at lights one night. It pretty much was the worst night ever. The train was packed, so we had to stand the whole way there and Wes was a complete beast. We probably wont be doing that again any time soon.

What? that barricade didn't work

Lets have some sprinkles with a little french toast for breakfast

We went to Thanksgiving Pointe to see the reindeer and have a gigantic brownie sundae! That was a fun family night (unlike the train ride)

I got to help out in Wes' class for his Christmas party. It was so fun to see him in that environment. They were also celebrating his birthday that day so I got to see what they do for that too.

I think this is his best friend in his class, Aiden. I'm pretty sure Wes is only friends with him because his name is Aiden (and he likes superheroes)

My handsom boy at his Christmas program

Next up pictures from his birthday party!
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