Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Happy Birthday

Seriously, am I 31? I remember thinking that people in their 30s were so old when I was a kid, I definitely don't feel old. Well I had a great weekend Josh and I got to go on a date and we went to festival of trees as a family. Natalie was sick on Saturday and slept most of the day so we didn't get to do anything else, but I just love hanging out with my family.

Did I get a decent picture of Josh? I can not believe it

I can't say the same for my Wessy

how on earth they got Justin Bieber to sign my cake I will never know

look at my cake all ablaze. Now that's a lot of candles, when we took all of them off Josh said it looked like someone shot the cake with a bb gun. What a jerk :)

so shocking that this was Wes' favorite tree, in fact he said he didn't even like any of the other ones just the "revengers" one.

Buddy stole some birthday cake while we were in bed
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