Saturday, November 10, 2012

blogging break

So after my 10 day blogging break I am back :)
Today was Josh's birthday and we had a great time celebrating. We started the day off with presents, he got tubberware from me (it's a long story) and a bean bag toss game from Wes. Then we went sledding. It was so fun and was so beautiful out. I hate snow as much as the next girl from the south, but I really don't mind it before Christmas. So we took advantage. We went to Josh's parents for a little while then came home for cake. Happy Birthday Joshy!

sledding with dada

I just thought this picture was pretty

he could not have had more fun


it was freezing, but of course she was happy as could be. Wes even took her down the hill once and they totally flipped. She didn't even make a peep she just got up with a face full of snow smiling. I wish I would have gotten a picture

see, it's beautiful

We babysat Gracie and Ellie all day yesterday and it snowed all day so we had to get creative with things to do. They did go outside for a bit right when it started. They were way excited.

we took all the blankets and pillows and threw them on the living room floor for them to jump on. We also watched Christmas movies and drank hot chocolate, well actually it was marshmallows with a little hot chocolate.

I hope everyone has also had a fun weekend
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