Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Grand Finale

We started out Halloween day with a breakfast fit for a ghoul (or a superhero). Halloween colored pancakes. Who knew that putting food coloring in pancakes would makes Wes eat his breakfast.

Then we went to Jump on It dressed as Spiderman (no picture) after that we went and decorated Josh's car with spiderwebs. He parks at the bus stop so it's right by our house.

Trick-or treating on Main St. This was so fun all the businesses on Main St. in AF gave out candy and there were tons of kids trick-or-treating. This is our group (check out the headless unicorn on the left hahaha)

Natalie wasn't very happy by the end so I gave her a sucker. I know I'm mom of the year giving my 8 month old a sucker. She sure was happy after that though.

We finished the night  trick-or-treating at the Kimbers, our Halloween tradition. We have gone there every year since Wes' first Halloween.

It has been such a fun Halloween month, and we are sad it's over. I just love being able to do all these fun things with my kids and seeing them enjoy it.
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