Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This was our first time going to the children's museum in Salt Lake, and we will definitely be going back. It was such a fun day, we also got to go to the Planetarium and City Creek. Sometimes I forget how fun the city can be.

Wes and Kloe grocery shopping, just like an old married couple

Natalie and McKinley

a real helecopter to play in

hugging on the moon at the Clark Planetarium, these two...they really have a brother/sister type relationship, hugging one minute fighting the next.

kids on Mars

what a surprise, Clifford showed up at the museum. Wes seriously about died, but he did wish that T-bone was there too.

it was even fun for the little one

I can not wait to go back to City Creek without kids, it is such a cool place.

waiting for the Trax

on Trax, Wes said this was his favorite part of the day

So that was our super fun day in the city with some of our best friends!
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