Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our Weekend

First of all, Wes rarely plays with his toys. For some reason he has to be entertained by someone ALL-THE-TIME, so I put Natalie alone in her room for a little bit everyday so maybe she will learn to play by herself. Anyway, she made her way to Wes' very messy room and she had more fun than he ever does.

please ignore her immodesty :)

Wes and I made this for the front door. I dismantled a very very ugly wall hanging, we painted it then hung the spider webs and sign. I love it and I love that Wes really helped me with it.

We went on a little date to get frozen yogurt, ready to hear what was on his...pomagranite raspberry sorbet, fruit snacks, swedish fish, gummy worms, m&ms, trix, marshmallows, mike and ikes, bobo balls and I think that's all. Does that sound delicious or what?

While Josh was at Priesthood with his dad we went to Cornbelly's with Aaden and Michelle and Josh's mom.

crawling through the hay maze, I had to put that piece of corn in front of her to make her crawl. haha

bouncing away, by the way it was freezing there and we were not really prepared. Oh well Wes had a great time and that's all that matters.

The hat Natalie is wearing really is cute but Lin for some reason pulled it up so it looks weird in the picture.

Sunday morning breakfast, halloween french toast. Yummy yummy

I swear Josh was with us this whole weekend, I hate that we never take pictures with him. Let me just brag for a minute about him. He got a promotion at work the other day and I could not be prouder of him. I know he has wanted a different position for a while and he finally got it. More money and more vacation time, hooray! The only downfall is it's in the Salt Lake office so he wont be a stones throw away anymore. So happy for my Joshy!
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  1. You should have posted about those cinnamon roll pancakes. :)