Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween overload

From now until Halloween night it is going to be treat and party overload.  To kick it all off we had Josh's work Halloween party. So cute with games, trick-or-treating and a spook alley.

my Captain America and elephant (Wes actually decided later that night that he wants to be something else)

the loot

Saturday we went to Macey's and Fresh Market to do their trick-or-treating. We also had the primary program practice that morning, but I didn't get any pictures with my camera. We had such a fun activity afterwards.

Saturday night was the ward trunk-or-treat. This is what Wes wants to be now for Halloween. I could not believe that Mr. Scared-of-everything Halloween related wanted to be the Scream guy. Whatever, I love it!

Me and Laurie (love her!)

Wes and Kloe

Josh didn't dress up so he didn't get to be in this family pic :)

the cutest elephant I have ever seen

and again with our loot, this is getting crazy. I'm glad I only have 2 days left of my challenge so I can help eat all these treats

My poor baby is so sick today, I just had to show this picture. It is the most pitiful thing, her voice is so hoarse, she is congested and just has been laying around all day. She is usually so wiggily and will not sit still it's so weird to see her like this.
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